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Acute Stress Disorders And Their Symptoms

Acute Stress Disorder
Each of us experiences stress in everyday life, in the work or family environment or in our relationships. This is experienced as a feeling of fear or apprehension, accompanied by tightness in the chest, and physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, and a fast heart. It is often caused by some change in our life over which we feel...

10 Minute Meditation For Instant Relaxation

10 Minute Meditation
Are you feeling stressed? Are you facing a difficult time at work or at home? Is your mind constantly thinking negative or multiple thoughts at once? Have you heard of meditation but haven't tried it yet, or aren't sure how to get started? This 10 minute meditation can clear the mind, reduce stress and help you feel more in control – and you don't...

Free Coaching Lesson You Can Use Instantly To Stand Out From The Crowd

Coaching Lesson
You will notice a change of status in minutes! I was stunned by how fast people walk when I first visited the City of London. It was a world apart from how I grew up in the furthest of south Europe, where we would take our time to enjoy the scenery and chat with people on the street almost every time we went...

Can Essential Oils Give You The Energy You Need?

Essential Oil
Peppermint for the morning, lavender for the evening, myrrh for all hours, but sparingly. If you have low energy levels and feel lethargic, try adding essential oils to your daily routine. They have a beneficial effect on the mood, act as anxiolytics and stimulate you, even for a short period of time. Do you feel the fatigue that overwhelms you during the...

How Our Body Reacts To A Long-Haul Flight

Lond-Haul Flight
In a few years, direct flights lasting 20 hours will possibly be a reality. On such occasions, we wonder how we could keep ourselves as healthy and fit as possible on a very long air journey. The announcement by various airlines that from 2025 they will be able to offer direct flights from Australia to the US and Europe has opened a...
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