The 7 Types Of Wellness


How to achieve a complete wellness mentality

Advertising spots, as well as many sites, are increasingly using the word “wellness”, promoting the belief that everyone can individually achieve it and finally live the life they really dream of.

What we need to understand is that wellness concerns a general sense, an inner radiance of health, strength and beauty, which is not only related to the physical health that many believe, but also to the mental, social, environmental, etc. Therefore, a healthy man does not mean that he has found his own wellness, nor that in a corresponding case where a fellow human being deals with health issues, this is inextricably linked to a low-quality daily life. 

Wellness is a purely personal work with ourselves in whatever stage of life we are in, and it improves our way of life in all aspects, i.e., body, soul and spirit. The definition is very correctly given by the World Health Organization, as it was defined in 1946 as “The state of complete physical, mental and social wellness and not just the absence of illness or disability”.

The mistake that many people make is that they focus on wellness with relation to exercise and diet. This has without a doubt a positive impact to our daily lives, but to achieve absolute wellness, you need to strike a balance of all of its aspects. In particular, there are 7 types of wellness and these are: physical, mental, environmental, professional, social, emotional and spiritual health. Each plays a key role for a satisfactory quality of life.

As it is often said, “we are our choices”, meaning that our attitude and the actions we choose to perform are also the ones that determine the future. A deeper search, however, in the semantic meaning of the word offers us exactly what we are looking for, in order to learn to act guided by our overall health, without rejecting any area.

Below you can discover the 7 types of wellness, that you probably did not know!

1. Mental wellness

Focus on your brain

Constantly working with our brain can only cause us positive changes. By keeping your mind “clean and open”, you give space and time to your thoughts and focus where you really want, ending up living a full life. Find creative activities, such as pottery, that require skill and train the mind, or various seminars in the field that concerns you, broadening your horizons.

types of wellness

2. Social wellness

Build your support zone

Communication with the people around us is a key factor and we should not neglect it. By creating close relationships with our family and friends we automatically cultivate our support zone. Contact with our people, even on the most difficult days, appears as the light at the end of the tunnel. Be open in your daily life and do not be afraid to make new acquaintances.

3. Spiritual wellness

Nourish your soul

Peace usually comes with meditation or psychotherapy, where you seek the meaning of life and your deepest inner beliefs. Work with your values, feed your mind and shape your own harmony in your life.

4. Professional wellness

Achieve your goals

Take advantage of your workplace to explore the knowledge of your colleagues, to envision, to gain experience, to share your talent and skills for a good cause.

5. Emotional wellness

Count your blessings, practise gratitude

Self-esteem and optimism are powerful healers. Expressing love and other emotions helps to achieve balance in the face of challenges. Be careful and live in the moment! 

6. Physical wellness

Healthy body, healthy mind

If you aim for a long life, but also for a quality daily life, then incorporating healthy habits into your routine, will bring you incredibly positive benefits. Make exercise your ally, work on your endurance and follow the right diet plan for you.

7. Environmental wellness

Love mother earth

Have you ever wondered how our individual actions can change the whole world? Give love to mother nature, helping the planet, and everything around you will gradually change and you will see things in a more positive light.

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