8 Ways To Unwind After A Long Week


Mail, telephones, meetings, deadlines and obligations make the week go fast. The boundaries between duty and self-care are not always clear, but the following ways will definitely help you achieve a full unwind.

24 hours are never enough if you belong to those people who give everything everywhere except themselves. If, for example, you feel compelled to check your messages even after work all the way home, then you need a full unwind and if you cannot “switch off” on your own, the following expert advice will prove valuable.

1. Exercise

Strange as it may sound, after a long day at work, exercise will help you. Some workout at the end of the day is absolutely necessary, especially if you do sedentary work. If you like running, you can go out for a run or take a long walk in the park. You could go for a bike ride, go to the gym, do pilates, yoga or a sport that you enjoy. Don’t worry if you don’t have much energy left for exercise. Yoga can be extremely helpful and relaxing, and a good way to not give up is to have a backpack with the necessary equipment with you in the morning so as to be motivated after work.

2. Cook

It may seem like a huge task, but by putting your creativity into the kitchen, you will find that you will relax incredibly at the end of the day. Listen to your favorite music and clear your mind, away from cell phones and obligations. This activity will help you a lot because it will completely distract you from the obligations of the day.

3. Take a long bath

Α long warm bath is an ideal solution after a hard day. If you have a bathtub then go in and lie down for at least 20 minutes and do not think about anything or try to focus only on positive things that happen in your life. The experience will be so enjoyable that you will not want to leave the soap bubbles.

4. Spend time with friends

To make sure you are not busy with work or anything but yourself, have a meaningful discussion with a friend. Take some time to meet them and you will quickly see your stress levels decrease while you recharge your batteries in the most enjoyable way.


5. Listen to a podcast

Instead of indulging in overthinking and all that you did not manage to do in the past day, listen to your favorite podcast. You will be so absorbed that you will sleep soundly. What better way to relax than put on relaxing music that will help you forget all your worries and remind you of good memories. You can listen to some classical music or even sounds of nature or whatever works best for you.

6. Take care of your skin

Whether you wear makeup or not during the day, take the time to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Do not forget to include self-care in your daily life. It’s the only thing that can help you start your day on the good foot.

7. Change clothes

Try a different outfit from the office one. This will help you say goodbye to the working mood of the day and welcome a few hours of relaxation! Ιτ is extremely important to change into casual clothes when you get home after a hard day at work in order to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Try not to stay in work attire because it will remind you of your job. Change into an outfit that will make you feel comfortable, or just your pajamas.

8. Turn off your cell phone and read a book

Many people are accustomed to lying down with their cell phone or tablet to help them fall asleep. This fact has the opposite effect from what we want, since the light of the devices keeps the body alert and does not allow it to really relax. Reading a book, on the other hand, can help the body unwind and calm down. Many sleep doctors recommend establishing a bedtime reading routine that cleanses and decompresses our minds, preparing us for a relaxed, stress-free sleep.

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