I Exercise, But Cannot Lose Weight


Do you exercise, but cannot lose weight? You may be going to the gym and spending a lot of your time there. You may not just lift weights, but join group programs, do aerobic exercise and sweat a lot. You may see some change in your body, but it may not be what you want. But if you work hard, it is difficult not to see results. So, let’s see what are the cases when the training may not work so well for you. First of all, let’s start by noting that you have to work smart, even if it means a little difficulty.

How focused are you?  

Many times we get tired without being focused on what we are doing. With our minds elsewhere, we lose – apart from energy – much of the benefits of exercise. Sometimes, the key to a successful result is to give 100% of our attention. Whatever it is. When you are absent-minded, even at work, something can go wrong. The same with exercise. You have to be focused in order to have the right technique, to breathe properly and let your system work perfectly.

How hard do you train? 

Do you always use your full potential? Have you ever wondered how much stamina you have compared to what you think you have, when you feel that you do not want to continue? Try to give a little more of your energy and you will see that you have more potential than you think. When your trainer tells you to “keep going”, do not give up. He obviously knows that you still have something to give and you will do it. For you. For your improvement and the result you dream of. For example, if you are used to lifting certain weights and anything more seems like a lot to you, all you have to do is try. You do not need to do as many repetitions as you are used to. You will do less but you will work harder to improve your performance.

cannot lose weight

Learn to ask about everything   

You only care to improve. Do not wander around doing only what comes to mind. It is important to have a schedule. Have a schedule even when you run. Schedule for time, distance, exercises and repetitions for each of your workouts. Always doing the same or staying on the treadmill for a certain amount of time and speed is more likely to show a stagnation.

Overcome yourself  

In your next workout, think that today you can add more speed and make your exercises a little more difficult. It all has to do with our mood and will. Therefore, take energy from your thinking for a start and say: “Today I can and will be stronger and more effective”.

Give yourself the opportunity to build the body you want

You cannot do 1,000 pushups if your physical condition does not allow it. But you can work by adding a few more at a time. Do not forget that there is no magic exercise that transforms you in a day. Perseverance and hard work is what will make you better day by day, with more possibilities.

Do you reward yourself with too much food?  

We all want to eat what we like in order to satisfy ourselves especially after a hard workout. You may have won the right to replenish your body but at the same time you have to think of something more important. You have worked so hard to achieve a higher level of fitness, to lose weight, to feel good about yourself. Do not sabotage it by giving it a “bad” meal just to feel better. You will most likely regret it when you feel the discomfort of bloating. After all, you can get full by making a healthier choice.

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