Exercise Secrets For A Positive Psychology


Much has been written about how exercise affects our psychological state, by researchers, physical education scientists, psychologists-psychotherapists and in general by people who are well trained in this subject. Nevertheless, there are still people who are not ready to follow a training program, finding various excuses.

The most common that we have all said more or less, is: “I don’t have time”. We usually use it when we want to avoid something or someone and we actually mean: “I don’t have time for you”.

The truth is that you definitely have 10 minutes to spare, maybe even more. If you engage in social media for 30 minutes, you can “steal” from there the 10 minutes for physical exercise. If you watch television, you have even more time. You can watch the episode of your favorite series 10 minutes later.

But why do this? Why spend these 10 precious relaxing minutes to work out? 

You will do it for yourself!

It is a short break in your day, where you will put the music that sets your mood and you will deal exclusively with yourself! Not with the utility bills, not with your children’s distance education, not with the never-ending house chores.

positive psychology

From the moment you hear your favorite music playing you have already started dancing and feel the energy increase! The rest will follow.
You can just dance carefree for 10 minutes in the living room or kitchen, if you have a small child you might get carried away and dance together!

You can follow a short program on YouTube or do the moves you know from a past activity (we’ve all watched an aerobics or Zumba group program at some point). You can do rope or ball exercises.

It’s 10 minutes you dedicate to yourself as a reward for everything you accomplish, it’s 10 minutes you “charge” your mind and body (just like you do with your smartphone), it’s the gift you give to your immune system and in your spine and you will see it in the long run.

During the exercise, “joy hormones” are secreted and for a while you forget everything negative. This effect follows you throughout the rest of the day and so your mood is high! In a short while, if you discipline yourself in these 10 minutes, you will see that your body will respond differently, the result will be obvious and you will have a more optimistic view of the world around you.

It is never too late to start something for you; even if you haven’t exercised before, today is the day that can be your positive psychology starting point!

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