Work Lunch: The Right Foods To Maintain Your Energy


Our work takes up several hours of our daily lives. If we think about it, we will find that we dedicate almost all day to our professional environment. Our routine includes several obligations, which must be completed immediately. So, it is extremely important to pay attention to our diet, so that we can maintain our mood and energy at good levels. Otherwise, the symptoms of fatigue will begin to appear.

For this very reason, there are ideal foods which can be easily found in our fridges. They give us the boost we need to carry on full of energy and not feel that our strength is abandoning us. 

Many people choose processed foods for a quick fix. Instead, we recommend that you spend a little more time at home preparing your meal and the only sure thing is that you will always be looking forward to your next break.

These are some great tasty ideas that will surely inspire you:

Smoked salmon

This fish is rich in protein and omega-3 fats. In combination with grilled vegetables and quinoa, it will give you what you are looking for. Regardless of the increase in your energy, it is a delicious dish with balanced nutrients.


Whatever form you choose, boiled or scrambled, eggs are one of the main sources of protein. They provide a strong dose which keeps us strong for a long time, because it breaks down more slowly than carbohydrates, releasing energy slowly and steadily.

Foods To Maintain Your Energy


The vegetable that you either love or avoid. In this case, we suggest you love it, as it is rich in fiber, B vitamins, and vegetable protein. You can cook it in a soup, including various other foods, such as carrot. It is especially good as a salad as well.


A normal amount on our plate is enough to keep us full throughout our working day. This is because they contain amounts of vegetable protein, fiber and B vitamins, which in turn have a positive effect on metabolism and convert food into energy. Some options are chickpeas, beans, etc.


It is full of fiber, protein and healthy fats. It also offers a generous portion of iron, an important energy-backing mineral. Enrich this choice with sweet potatoes or baked potatoes and of course accompanied by a small green salad.

Whole meal foods

These foods are the best sources of energy, because they belong to the complex carbohydrates, which are burned slowly and maintain blood sugar levels. In addition, they are considered sources of fiber, which helps them to be slowly absorbed by the body, balancing the release of energy. Therefore, include oats, quinoa, and brown rice in your meals. They are easily combined with chicken, meat, but they are also excellent ingredients for delicious salads for vegans.


One of its characteristics is that it manages to reduce fatigue and even offer us energy. It is a source of magnesium and potassium, the deficiency of which causes muscle weakness and exhaustion. Cook spinach with rice and accompany it with cheese or yogurt, brown bread and plenty of lemon.


Water is essential in everything. One reason we reach the limits of fatigue is the dehydration of the body, causing subsequent headaches, loss of concentration, etc. Always have with you a water bottle to remember to be adequately hydrated and to be able to continue your day.

Try these foods to maintain your energy and get through your work day with ease.

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