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What Foods You Should Throw Away From Your Kitchen


Do you and your children want to eat healthily? This easy guide will help you choose the right food, even from the supermarket, and choose what to keep and what foods you should throw away in order to live a better, healthier life.

10 Rules for Safe Eating

1. Only have foods without labels or foods that are not in a package or can.

There are packaged foods that are very good, such as sardines or artichoke hearts, but you should check the labels well. You need to look at two things: the list of ingredients and the nutritional value. Where is the main ingredient in the list? If the real food is at the bottom of the list and the sugar and salt at the beginning, be careful. The ingredients in the largest quantity are listed first, and the rest depending on the weight. Also watch out for ingredients that are not listed; some ingredients may not be on the labels. This is usually done when the food is in a very small package, if it has been prepared in the store or by a small manufacturer. Beware of these foods.

2. If a food is labeled, it should contain less than five ingredients.

If it contains more, discard it. Also watch out for foods that advertise health benefits on the label. They are usually bad for you – take energy drinks for example. 

3. If sugar is indicated on the label (in any name, such as organic sugarcane juice, rye, agave, maple syrup, sugarcane syrup or rye), discard the food.

One cup of ketchup contains 39 teaspoons of sugar. The same goes for white rice and white flour, which in the body act just like sugar. If you have diabetes-obesity, you cannot eat any flour or whole grains. Throw it away.

4. Discard any food labeled with high-fructose corn syrup. 

It is a very sweet, very cheap liquid sugar that is contained in almost all processed foods. This syrup often contains mercury as a by-product of the preparation process. Many liquid calories, such as soft drinks, juices and energy drinks, contain this poison for metabolism. It is always an indication of a poor-quality processed food.

5. Discard any food that has the word “hydrogenated” on it. 

It is an indication of trans fats, vegetable oils mutated by chemical process in margarine or butter. They keep cookies on the shelves for a long time without clumping them, but these fats have been shown to cause heart disease, diabetes and cancer. New York and many European countries have banned fat trans and so should you.

6. Discard all highly processed cooking oils.

 Processed oils such as canola oil, soybean oil, etc. should be avoided Also avoid toxic fats and fried foods.

7. Discard unknown foods.

Discard foods in which you do not recognize the ingredients or cannot pronounce them or if they are listed in Latin.

8. Discard artificial foods.

Discard all foods with preservatives, additives, dyes or flavor enhancers such as MSG (sodium glutamate).

9. Discard foods with artificial sweeteners of any kind.

These include aspartame, sucralose and sugar alcohol and any word ending in -ol, such as xylitol, sorbitol. They make you hungrier, slow down your metabolism, cause gas and make you store fat.

10. If it comes from the land or from a farmer’s field and not from a chemical laboratory, it is safe for consumption. 

If it is made from a plant and not from a factory, then you can put it in your kitchen. If it’s something your great-grandmother would not recognize as food, throw it away.

The above tips will hopefully show you which foods you should throw away, and will help you improve your diet, clean up your kitchen closets and keep you and your family healthy.

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