How To Make An Oasis On Your Balcony


It’s time to wake up the gardener inside you. The heat invites you to go out… to the balcony at least. Take your pots, put on your gardening gloves, and get started.

Balcony gardens are trendy

City dwellers love green spaces as much as a large courtyard, but when space is limited, your backyard or balcony becomes the place to create a green retreat. We have been saying this for years: you do not need much space to cultivate your own food. You can grow almost anything in pots, almost anywhere.

Indoor plants, indoor gardens and windowsill gardens

This is another trend driven by more and more home workers who need a little more green. People build their outdoor spaces as much as they can. In smaller spaces, use window sills to keep some indoor plants – but if you have the space and light, plants and vegetables are also possible suggestions.

Inside out and vice versa

Bringing the inside out means creating an outdoor space with a comfortable balcony furniture, a barbecue grill or perhaps an outdoor kitchen or an outdoor projector screen where you can do movie nights. Just like transporting plants indoors, taking indoor elements helps everyone have more nature in their life.


Small gardens

Tiny houses and now tiny gardens are a new cool trend that aims to make small spaces look bigger. Tiny gardens may be the answer for you if:

  • you have limited space
  • you want to make something unique with an unused corner of the backyard
  • you have a lot of rooms, but you want a variety of small spaces, each with its own theme

The idea is to create a small space full of plants – but using borders, to make the tiny garden look more extensive.

Permaculture practices

Natural gardening has been on the rise for years as people seek to reproduce the ecosystem, create safe havens for pollinators and provide habitats for local wildlife. This year, the trend of natural gardening is evolving again into over-cultivation! Permaculture is actually a combination of the words “permanent” and “agriculture”. The aim is to live in harmony with nature, and to turn waste into resources. This means gardens with more purposes: growing food for animal feed, growing vegetables that help the surrounding plants to thrive, etc.

Online gardening

Online gardening is not a huge garden simulator – although that sounds like a great way to spend a rainy day! Instead, the growing trend of online gardening means participating in virtual gardening classes, collecting online ideas and tips, and browsing the Farmers’ Almanac website to learn how to get started! You will also find gardening pages that will give you many ideas and answers to your possible questions.

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