Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Healthy After 40 [Top 14 Tips]

The fact that you are entering your 5th decade of life is no reason to feel any less young or active! Follow the 14 tips we suggest to maintain your good physical condition and stay healthy after 40! 1. Weigh yourself every day Check your weight by having the scale next to your shower. It may sound compulsive, but this will help you...

Organize Your Home [7 Golden Rules]

Organize Your Home
Whether you're frustrated with how messy your home can look, or you can't find the items you're looking for at any given moment, we understand how tiring it can be to live in a messy space. No home is perfect, but putting some time and energy into organizing your personal space is really worth it. Organization not only leads to a...

Back To Normality: Why Isn’t It Easy For Everyone?

The world around us has opened up and everything seems to be trying to get back to normal. But it is perfectly reasonable that the fear that has nested inside us prevents us from looking towards the future. Experts explain how to manage this stress. Fifteen months ago we felt time freeze. Our everyday lives were confined to the home, our lives were...

Meditation Music

meditation music
It is widely known that music enhances our physical and mental health. The ancient Greeks knew that music has healing properties and that is why they used it to cure various diseases. It has also been found to be beneficial to listen to certain types of music at certain times of the day. In the morning we need to listen to music...

Why Do Most Diets Fail?

diets fail
Have you tried diets of all sorts, only to see them fail one after another? American researchers may have found the reason why this happens. In their recent study, they found that at least 58% of adult dieters report frequent cravings — an intense and uncontrollable desire for treats and high-fat foods that occurs two to four times a week. One of...
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