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How To Deal With Agoraphobia

Who is at risk of developing agoraphobia disorder? Almost anyone, including children, but it usually occurs during adolescence or early adulthood, before reaching the age of 35.  The term is derived from the Greek words 'agora', meaning 'place of assembly', 'open space', or 'marketplace', and 'phobia', meaning 'fear'. Agoraphobia can also be caused by external influences, such as environmental stressors and learning experiences . Those who...

7 Ways To Recharge Your Mental Energy

Recharge Your Mental Energy
The demanding pace of our busy lives is often the reason we feel mentally exhausted. Here are some valuable secrets that will rejuvenate your spiritual energy. Are you in a bad mood? Do you find it difficult to focus on your work, to fulfill your obligations or even to put your thoughts in a logical order? The above signs may indicate that...

Can You Achieve Work-Life Balance?

Work-Life Balance
When combining your employment duties, home life, and connections with your family and other loved ones, work-life balance is an essential element of self-care. Many of us understand the concept of work-life balance, yet it may be challenging to attain. We've all experienced the potential sense of demands building up one side of work-life balance and taking control of...

5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Our lifestyles are often so busy that take a toll on our sleep. The glowing lights from smartphones and other trappings of modern life reduce our ability to get a decent amount of shut-eye. However, sleep affects our physical and mental health. Here are the top 5 benefits of a good night's sleep to your health. 1. Enhances Your Concentration...

The Huge Benefits Of Meditation

Benefits Of Meditation
Can meditation help achieve happiness and make people healthier both mentally and physically? When you start meditating, your immediate reaction is that it's too hard, you think you can't do it, you are too busy etc. The uncertainty about whether something will “work” or not often plagues many people in the beginning of their practice. Doubt just takes us away...
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