11 Tips To Stay In Shape While Traveling


The following tips will help you stay in shape while traveling:

1. Morning run. Steal half an hour from your sleep before you get your breakfast and go jogging in the surrounding area where you live. You will have done your exercise, and you will have learned the area and maybe you will have got an idea from the nearby sights.

2. Walking with sightseeing. Take a walking tour of the city you are in. In most European cities there are various groups that make highly professional tours, with a tour lasting from one to usually three hours completely free. Search for free walkabout tours by entering the city you want and you will definitely find something that suits you. This way, you will have seen many sights, you will have learned things about where you are and you will have done your exercise.

3. Bike ride. Choose to go back to the place you are on a bicycle. There are now companies everywhere that can easily and at a very low cost rent a bike for as many hours as you want. You will have gained valuable time from your travels and you will have exercised while enjoying the sights and the landscape.

4. Swimming on a beach. If you are traveling in the summer or somewhere in the world with access to the beach and weather that allows you to swim, it is a shame not to do so. It is extremely refreshing and in addition to the benefit of fitness that you will have, it will leave you with a great experience.

5. 30 minutes exercise in the room you are staying. Whether you are staying at a hotel, AirBnB or in a friendly house, “steal” 30 minutes a day and exercise in your room. Choose the type you want and work out with it. Whether you choose to dance listening to your favorite songs as if there is no tomorrow, or to do yoga and pilates, or to work those abs, you will have achieved your goal.

Stay In Shape While Traveling

6. Use the facilities around you. If you’re staying in a hotel, check if it has a gym or pool that you can use. If you live elsewhere, check for facilities around it. There are usually several parks with outdoor fitness equipment or even activities from cycling and jogging to canoeing.

7. Take part in local activities. Ask to know what is going on in the premises where you live or in the area where you move and take part in something that might not even cross your mind. You never know the treasures you may discover. Join the aqua fitness class at your hotel pool or do tai chi in the opposite park with the locals. 

8. Move on foot. Do all your trips on foot. Avoid public transport and any other means of transportation, wear your sportswear and walk until you get where you want. At the end of the day you will definitely have done more than 10 kilometers without realizing it. It will definitely keep you in shape!

9. Use the stairs. Decide from the beginning that you will use stairs instead of an elevator as many times as necessary. Whether it is to go up to the 3rd floor or to the 13th ! I know it’s hard but it works!

10. Drink water and buy fruit. Drink plenty of water during your day. Even more so if we are talking about summer months and warm climates. Shop for fruits and vegetables to eat during the day instead of constantly eating out. This way you will keep your shape and you will save money to do something more creative.

11. Do a unique activity. No matter how busy your schedule is, steal time and book an activity unique in time and space. Depending on where you are, try skiing, mountaineering, rafting, snorkeling or even scuba diving. You will definitely have a great time and you will have exercised at the same time.

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